The most diversified crane company

Shingle Deliveries

We are specialized in delivering shingles on rooftops up to a 8/12 pitch. Anything steeper will require a meet on site with the roofing crew.

Commercial Roofing Material

Besides the delivery of shingles of any kind, we are also able to deliver and hoist commercial roofing material onto flat roofs up to 4 stories tall

Specialized Crane Jobs

The unique crane and truck set up is capable of doing many other things than just delivering roofing materials.


The trees we remove and cut down can be chipped up for mulch or wood fuel. We are working with our customers to provide a tailored solution. We also sell Mulch in Big Bags or Truck loads.

Concrete Blocks

Farmers love them, and many others find new uses for them.

We make, haul and place concrete blocks that find more use every day.

Farmers use them for Silage Pits or Retaining Walls, and other have used them to block off roads or backyard wall.

Tree Care / Removing

We are pioneers in using a special crane attachment to cut down trees that are in risk of falling on houses or shed. With the Grapple Saw by RedM, we can reach up to 80ft tall trees, and cut of dead branches or remove the whole tree.

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