Specialty Crane Services


Rock Placing

With our custom built crane, we can deliver and place rocks, boulders and fountain rocks for Landscaping companies or home owners that are taking care of their property.

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Tree Service

As a leader of innovation at new ideas, we have the possibility to offer a variety of tree services. Removing, topping, pruning or just clean up brushes are all much easier to do with the right equipment.


Drywall Delivery

Our crane is one of the few that offers enough length to reach the 6th or 7th Floor on a tall Building. With its 70ft horizontal reach we can also reach far out not just up. It is also possible to add the man basket onto the crane for providing a safe areal work platform.

Standard Crane Services


Shingle Deliveries

As the only independent specialized delivery service available, we make sure that any brand, type, or size of shingles is getting placed safe on the rooftop. It doesn't matter if the house receives new asphalt, cedar, rubber or clay shingles, its all been done before.


Construction Material

We haul any material that your equipment is unable to load right to where it's needed. It doesn't matter if its Flat Roof Material, Tin Roof, Drywall or Rocks. We are innovative to work with you and get everything delivered that needs to be delivered.


Crane Jobs

Our experienced operator can perform many task are able to use their training to lift a lot of different goods. Hot tubs, tractors, forklift, cars, sheds and many more. Give us a chance we proof that we are great at what we do.

Moffett Truck Services


Shingle Deliveries

Garages, Bungalows or Houses with a low roofline can be reached with the Moffett. The removable forklift can bring the Material up to 12ft so the crew can reach them from the roof edge.


Many more options

The forklift can be dismounted within minutes and the truck will have the option of loading longer material on the 26ft flat deck. It can be used for a wide variety of loads such as straw bales, shingles, metal panels, equipment, bins, lumber, siding, pallets ...


Shuttle Services

Many big jobs require logistic management. With the Moffett Truck we can drop the load on a big job site and have the crane truck taking care of the main service. This increases efficiency and saves time.


Concrete Lego Blocks

We offer the best option you can get with concrete Lego Blocks. We pick them up and place them right on site. You don't need to lift your finger, maybe point to where the heavy blocks have to go. The block are available in different sizes, quality,  with bumps or flat top and can be coloured if you like so. People use them for barricades, building foundations, retaining walls, gravel pits or drive thru silage pits.

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Mulch Bags

Every spring we deliver and place to more and more mulch bags right into customers back yards. No need to bring that bag of dirt, gravel, mulch or sand around the tight back alley. We lift that right over your fence. We sell Mulch Bags directly to the customers and Landscapers


Fire Wood

Nice and dry firewood can be used for any back yard fire or in house fire  place. We put the firewood into one way crates, which also give you the joy and warmth of a fire once its empty.


Pallets become more and more popular for crafty people. People make beds with pallets, wine holders, man shacks and many more cool things. All of our pallets are good quality and clean, selected by our staff.


Corner Boards

We would sell you these if they wouldn't work for us. These simple built corners boards are the smartest easiest way to protect tie down straps from getting damaged or damage the fragile load you deliver. Its made out of wood, so when one board brakes, there is a good chance that the other side is able to be reused again. At the end of its lifetime it can be used for firewood. There are new chemicals added.

Container Sale and Rental

Containers are one of the new ways of living, storage or moving options. We provide you with the right size for your projects. Customers of ours built wood shacks, saunas, storage in containers. It is also a very easy way to move.


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