Crane Job / Barn Bin

Move Pig Food Bin

After the customer extended the pig barn, he needed an easy way to move a few bins into the new spot. The bins had to be lifted up straight, levelled and then lifted into the new central spot of the feeding operation.

Crane Transportation / Containers

Building a Shop

The customer hired us to haul concrete blocks the year before. This time he had to move his one shop from Rocky Mountain House to Red Deer. The Kenworth Truck and HIAB Crane and also the special trailer were proven to be just the right Equipment to need. It also helped to find out the limits of each part of the unit.

Crane Work / Tree Care Services

Windy Alberta

In Spring 2017 the heavy winds in Alberta caused many trees to blow over or tip on to objects. We got the call to pull a stump out of the ground because it was cheaper to use the crane than haul an excavator to the job site. The same was with a tree leaning against a nice log cabin. If it wouldn't have been the smooth operator, the house could have end up getting damaged.